Mahersoft | How Our 3D Printing Service Works

3D Printing Service

How it Works

  • Craft your idea into a 3D model using any of your 3D design softwares.
  • Don’t have a design? You can’t make it? Don’t worry! Get in touch with us and we will make it for you.
  • Send us your files to
  • You could also upload your designs below.
  • Don’t worry, your designs are confidential!
  • With our Industrial grade 3D printers, we will 3D print the designs as per your requirement.

Please complete the below form for a quote:

To receive a formal quote you will need to include the (.stl) files for your project. If you don’t have (.stl) files don’t worry, we can still advice you.

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NOTE:If your file size is greater than 20mb, it maybe easier to compress them into a ZIP file and upload.

If the upload function does not work or your files are over 100mb then please send them to us via, WeTransfer. Use as friends Email.